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Borgen is situated on a plateau with nice view of Asker and the Oslo Fjord. The area is seperated by Bondivann, Vardåsmarka and Drammensveien.

With its nearly 5,000 inhabitants, Borgen is the second largest sub-area in Asker, after Vettre. It is also about the same size as Heggedal when it comes to population.

The area is named after the Borgen farms, and the human settlement in Borgen is among the oldest in Asker. It is found burial mounds and cooking pits from the early Iron Age.

While Borgenåsen and Borgen Skog has mostly villas, there are more blocks and flats from the 1960s and 1970s in the area of Nedre Borgen with Hagaløkka and Huldreveien. Here you can see "Running moose", a bronze sculpture
(the picture above) made by Skule Waksvik.

In addition to Vardåsen Ski center, there are floodlit tracks from Gullhella station and towards Dikemark hospital. Vardåsmarka is also great for walking and outdoor activities.

In addition to Vardåsen church (the picture above), schools and kindergardens, there are grocery store, dentist, doctor and a senior center in the area.

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