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Attractions in Asker

Explore the many art galleries and museums, the Coast culture centre and the sporting fascilities.


In addition to the beautiful nature and all the outdoor activities, Asker and Bærum has a wide range of attractions.

Art lovers will have a busy time visiting the many art galleries in Asker. The highlights include:

Gallery Trafo
Gallery Trafo opened in August 2006 and has rapidly become an important location for Norwegian and International contemporary art. The gallery is located in the centre of Asker in an old factory-like building which used to house the transformator which supplied the railway from Oslo to the southern part of Norway with power.

There are three floors with exhibitions and showrooms, and the gallery is also housing a part of Asker muncipality’s own art collection.

Det gule huset
"The yellow house" is an artist community with an art gallery and art ware sales, located in Holmen. They have a small cafe with home made cakes.

Asker and Bærum's history is on display in different forms in the local museums:

Asker museum
The focal point of Asker museum is the home of the artists Tilla and Otto Valstad and sculptures by Arne Grimdalen. Many cultural activities have originated in the valley Hvalstaddalen, also known as «The Artists' Valley».

The Valstads Collections has many artefacts and buildings which Tilla and Otto Valstad collected over many years. They include a Norwegian barn, a baroque inspirated museum garden and Labråten – the home of the artists Hulda and Arne Garborg.

Vollen Coast Culture Center
The Coast Culture Center in Vollen is also part of Asker Museum. Vollen was once a centre for boat-building, hunting, trade, fishing, ice cutting, horticulture and market gardening, and you can learn about all this in the center.

For other activities, there are several swimming halls, cultural houses and sport stadiums in Asker. There are also libraries in Asker centre and Heggedal and also a cinema in Asker centre.

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