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What to do in Asker

Enjoy Asker's varied nature and go fishing, swimming or skiing. Do your shopping in the many unique shopping areas and malls, visit a farm and experience the rich cultural life.

The beautiful nature in Asker offers great opportunities for recreation, activities and relaxation. You can explore the Oslo fjord and its many small island communities by boat or walk the coastal path (Kyststien) and take a swim in one of the many beaches in Asker.

There are numerous pathways to walk in the forrests, many of them are suited for bicycling. Climbers find the hills of Vardåsen and Skaugumåsen in Asker great to climb.

Winter activities
If you come in the winter, you can go ice skating on the fjord or enjoy cross-country skiing in one of the many winter excursions spots, such as Solli in Asker.

There is also a Ski Center in Vardåsen with slopes suited for both kids and professionals.

Angling for saltwater fish and sea trout is great in the Oslo fjord all year. Elnestangen, outside Vollen in Asker, is by many declared to be the best place for angling in the entire fjord.

There are also many lakes for fishing perch, trout, pike and other types of fish in Asker Fishing permits are not required unless you are fishing in the area of Sandungen (the lakes of Sandungen, Damvann and Øyvann)in Vestmarka in Asker.

Fishing permits for the area of Sandungen can be purchased from the shop Prima Villmark (Telephone +47 66 84 53 90) in the shopping mall Holmensenteret . If you are fishing for crawfish you need a special permit that can also be bought in this shop. You can also buy fishing permit by SMS here.

Children under the age of 16 do not need fishing permits.

Fishing for salmon and sea trout in rivers and lakes also requires special permits. You can find salmon and sea trout in Askerelva and Neselva.

Cultural experiences
Asker has five churches with different styles. The oldest one is Asker church, originally form the 12th century, but it was rebuilt ater a fire in 1878.

In Heggedal there is a wooden church form 1931 (the picture above), and the other churches in Asker are of newer date. More about the churches in Asker

In addition to the beautiful nature, Asker also offers shopping, lots of cafes, restaurants, galleries and cultural happenings. You can get all that you want from the urban life, but Asker still has the charmy small town feeling.

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