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Beaches in Asker

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Asker has a beautiful coastline with many small islands and beaches. Three of the beaches are awarded with the international beach award, the Blue Flag.

The Blue Flag is an international beach award which shows that the beach has a high standard when it comes to information, water quality, environment, safety and services.

There are only five Blue Flag beaches in Norway in 2010, and Asker has three of them with the beaches of Sjøstrand, Vollen and Hvalstrand.

Here are some of the most popular beaches in Asker:


The beach of Hvalstrand has a long history as one of the most popular beaches in Asker. The bathing fascilities with a diving tower, slides, floating docks and a restaurant was opened in the summer of 1934. Many learned to swim in one of the many swimming courses in Hvalstrand arranged  from around 1940 to 1960, and there were also active groups of divers practising here.

Hvalstrand Bath (Hvalstrand Bad) is one of the most characteristic examples of functionalist architecture in Norway. The restaurant closed down in the 1960s, but it was renovated  in 1996 and today it houses a restaurant again.

Hvalstrand is awarded with the blue flag, and has both sandy beaches and grass, in addition to the diving tower and the docks. In the summer season there is an open kiosk and different water games facilities.

More pictures from Hvalstrand.


The beach called The Fritzner beach, or just Vollen beach, is one of the three blue flag beaches in Asker This means it has good water quality, safety and services. It is a sandy beach surrounded by grass, and close by you also find Svelvikbukta, which also has good bathing fascilities.

Vollen beach has toilets, grill and a floating dock, and nearby you find the coast culture centre with cafe and kiosk. The centre of Vollen is also in walking distance, snd here you find both shops and restaurants.

Parking is a hundred meter from the beach, at Vollen Marina.

More pictures from Vollen beach.


The third of the blue flag beaches in Asker is Sjøstrand, located close to the boarder to Slemmestad. Here you find a sandy beach. grass and  a concrete molo with a three meter diving tower,. There is also a floating dock, a kiosk, toilets and beach volley ball courses.

There is a smaller beach next to the main one, and it is also walking distance to the beach of Elnestangen, which is a popular place for fishing.

More pictures from Sjøstrand.


The stony beach area between Vollen and Bjerkås is by many declared to be the best place for angling in the entire Oslo fjord.

There are some paths to follow in the area, a floating dock, piknic tables and grassy plains sourrounding the beach. It is nice to walk from Elnestangen to the beach of Sjøstrand.

More pictures from Elnestangen.


Blakstad has a small sandy beach with grassy plains close to Blakstad Hospital.

The beach has a floating dock and some nice walking paths to follow along the coast in the area.


In Konglungen, outside Vettre in Asker, there are many nice places to take a swim. One of them is Spirabukta, which offers natural sand, a floating dock and quiet sorroundings.

You have to walk a few hundred meters on a pathto get to the beach from the parking lot.


Holmenskjæret, or just Holmen, as the beach area in Nesbru is also called, is a child friendly sandy beach. It is located in a bay and is surrounded by grassy plains a harbour and some cliffs.There is also just a few minutes walking distance to the shopping mall Holmensenteret.

There is a kiosk here open in the summer season, a mini golf course, volley ball courses, toilets, outdoor shower and a ffloating dock with a diving tower. There is also handicap parking down by the sea.


Hvamodden is a quite new public beach area in the island of Nesøya. The beach has a sheltered location in a bay, and there are grassy plains with a playing ground next to the beach, clean toilet facilities and a grill.

There are many walking paths and benches aound the beach, and som places suitible for fishing. While you are here, it is highly recommended to take a trip with the cable ferry to the neigbour island Brønnøya.


Another beach in Nesøya is Hestesund, a small and charmy beach, not so far from Hvamodden. Here is both sandy beach and rocks, a floating dock, piknic tables and toilets.

The beach is a bit hidden because of it's location in a residence area, but there is a sign for the beach that you can follow.

Bathing freshwater

There are also many lakes for bathing in freshwater as well in Asker:

This is the biggest lake in Asker, and it is probably the most popular lake, both for walking around and for swimming in the summer season. The area was protected in 1992.

Semsvann has several good places for bathing, and you find toilets, floating docks and garbage cans around the lake.


For many years it was forbidden to swim or fish in Sandungen, because it was drinking water for Asker. It was also forbidden to camp near the lake. From 2007 you are again free to take a bath in Sandungen, and you can also camp here or go fishing.

Sandungen is the largest lake in Vestmarka, and the easiest way to get there is from Solli. From the parking lot in Solli there is a 3,6 kilometer long forest road, or you can choose to walk paths as well.


In Heggedal Gjellumvannet is a nice place for taking a bath, especially on the south east side of the lake.

You find a sandy beach here and areas with grass around and a floating dock.


There are many places to take a swim in the lakes in Dikemark. Ulvenvannet has a nice beach with a floating dock and toliets.

Other places to take a swim in Dikemark is Poverudkanalen, Verkensvannet and Nordvannet/Svinsjøen.


Bondivann in Borgen has different places suitible to take a swim, and a small sandy beach with a playing ground, docks and toilets.

Finsrudvannet and Brensrudvannet

There is a parking lot by Finsrudvannet, and from here you can also go to Brendsrudvann.

Finsrudvann has a sandy beach, grassy plains, forest and a floating dock. Brendsrudvannet does also have a sandy beach.



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